August 02, 2010

Speculations, and other SR Artifacts

In support of my wager that Speculative Realism is for real, and for those who might be interested, here are a few of the new and forthcoming artifacts of SR:

"Speculations" the journal of Speculative Realism has just released it's first issue. Befitting the ideology of community this field seems to embrace, it is available in electronic form for free, or in paper form for a very reasonable price. I suspect that this journal may end up being more representative, if not of SR in general, then of the branches of SR that I most enjoy (the Object-Oriented side) than the journal Collapse - but this is pure speculation on my part. I should also note that the early issues of this journal are very important works in the development of SR. 

Contrary to what is posted at Perverse Egalitarianism, there is a strong presence of Graham Harman, at least in this issue of the Journal. I find this quite welcome, as I'm not among the haters, and from what I can tell, the object-oriented faction of SR has the most to offer me. 

Also, there are two forthcoming collections of SR works: The Speculative Turn (coming shortly), and an Anthology of Object-Oriented Philosophy (coming slightly further down the road, with, I would assume, a more interesting title than what I've attributed to it here). 

Levy Bryant's The Democracy of Objects is fully written, and awaiting the usual editorial treatment before printing. I'm among the lucky who've been allowed to review this text in advance, and it is the clearest and most direct statement of a position in SR that I've come across thus far. I suspect that as the field takes hold, others will deliver their "systems" (if we can call them that) in a likewise fashion.

Lastly, and I'm sure I've missed something relevant, Graham Harman has posted brief updates about his current book project on the work of fellow SR traveller, Quentin Meillasoux, here and here

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