August 13, 2010

Reflections on Philosophy

As I said when I made the initial announcement, I’ve conducted a series of somewhat informal interviews with graduate students. The interviews are intended to be an investigation of the goals and motivations of philosophy students, as well as a way into a discussion about how we see our jobs as philosophers/students of philosophy and what we’d like to get out of this life.

Below are posted four interviews. I’ve posted them in the order in which they were completed (read from this introduction downward), but chose to post them all together so that they can be read with and against one another.

I’ve ‘lightly’ edited them, mostly to break up long paragraphs to make the responses more blog-friendly. You’ll also notice that I’ve chosen to preface each interview with a couple quotes that stood out to me. I should note that these quotations were my choosing, and I apologize to anyone who would have preferred me highlight different passages.

With that said, I encourage readers to comment on these interviews and to feel free to engage with respondents and other commenters. But, please keep in mind that much of what is discussed in these interviews is quite personal, and to a large degree, they are ideas that aren’t fully worked out. With that in mind, I hope that engagements will remain in the spirit of charitable inquiry.

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